Neway Valve Refacers

Tungsten carbide machines valve faces just as effectively as it machines valve seats. Neway’s VFR-1000 motorized valve refacer will do everything that a traditional bluefolder_back_sm.jpg (13829 bytes)valve grinder will do, and more. This machine is just as accurate (or more so), as a grinder, is much cleaner (no coolant mess), and costs about half as much as a good quality valve grinder. If the VFR-1000 is more valve refacing capacity than you really need, then the "Gizmatic" valve refacer might be just the thing. The "Gizmatic" is Neway’s hand tool for refacing valves. The "Gizmatic" uses tungsten carbide blades that are similar to those used in Neway’s seat cutters. Why replace when you can reface!? With the "Gizmatic," you can finish the job right now – no more waiting around for the right replacement valves to show up.